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The Cage, like the Matrix, ensnares and enslaves us. We voluntarily assist in building our own trap, borrowing money to make banks richer, plugging ourselves into a system that feeds off our energy and activity to enrich its owners. The Cage started life as a radio show, exposing the workings of the cage by turning the paradigm on its head, locking the powerful into “The Cage” until they answer the question …

Mercer's Cambridge Analytica knew exactly what it was doing with Brexit

Brexit was the practice run for Trump

Geoff Ebbs /6 March, 2018

… and Trump is the practice run for taking over the US establishment. As reported here a little over a year ago, Robert Mercer has been building a media empire specifically designed to consolidate power. His empire was initially built on his work in artificial intelligence and natural languages that brought him in contact with Continue Reading →

Democracy 4 sale

The article the ABC removed: Tax Free Billions

Geoff Ebbs /17 February, 2018

This article originally appeared on the ABC but was removed citing “editorial standards”. The fact was brought to the attention of the Generator News by News Daily The article itself was retrieved from the Web Archive Tax-free billions: Australia’s largest companies haven’t paid corporate tax in three years Exclusive by chief economics correspondent Emma Alberici Qantas CEO Continue Reading →

PM Turnbull announces 3bonkcommission

PM to decree Royal Commission into Bonks

Geoff Ebbs /16 February, 2018

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will today decree a Royal Commission into Sexual Staff Relations known as the Royal Commission into Bonks, i.e. #bonkcommission. He will say, “Far from being tawdry or salacious, the investigation will provide clear guidelines as the what is and is not appropriate in navigating the complex world of human relations in Continue Reading →

Russian PMC in Syria

Russia’s corporate army in Syria

Geoff Ebbs /12 December, 2017

Source: Al-Monitor  As the civil war in Syria officially draws to a close, the imperial states withdraw with much media fanfare. Their influence, though, remains in the form of corporate armies paid by national governments to maintain the pressure where their interests demand. Russia maintains a significant corporate army in Syria, though it has stepped Continue Reading →

ORIC puts land back in the hands of the people

ORIC puts land ownership back in the hands of the people

Geoff Ebbs /3 April, 2017

Hot on the heels of the announcement of new laws allowing start up companies to seek investment via crowdsourcing an investment vehicle for organic agriculture has been launched. The Organic and Restorative Investment Coop, known as ORIC, will be launched in Melbourne next month. The aim of the Coop is to facilitate investment into agriculture Continue Reading →