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The Cage, like the Matrix, ensnares and enslaves us. We voluntarily assist in building our own trap, borrowing money to make banks richer, plugging ourselves into a system that feeds off our energy and activity to enrich its owners. The Cage started life as a radio show, exposing the workings of the cage by turning the paradigm on its head, locking the powerful into “The Cage” until they answer the question …

Saudi execution

Islamic scholars reject Saudi extremism

Geoff Ebbs /2 January, 2017

The final week of 2016 is an apt time to reflect on the role of religion. Fundamentalists fan the flames of religious hate from Aleppo to Ipswich. Borders snap shut, refugees languish in ghettos and First Nations people from West Papua and Western Australia to just West of the Mississippi at Standing Rock are tortured Continue Reading →