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A rigorous examination of the role of religion in our society. Inspired by the movement to tax the church and eliminate its priviledged position as the preferred provider of outsourced welfare and driven by the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse, The Cross deals with the complex issues of spirtuality, meaning and belief as a mechanism of the state.

Saudi execution

Islamic scholars reject Saudi extremism

Geoff Ebbs /2 January, 2017

The final week of 2016 is an apt time to reflect on the role of religion. Fundamentalists fan the flames of religious hate from Aleppo to Ipswich. Borders snap shut, refugees languish in ghettos and First Nations people from West Papua and Western Australia to just West of the Mississippi at Standing Rock are tortured Continue Reading →

Pope Francis

Pope Francis names climate action as a sacred duty

Geoff Ebbs /6 September, 2016

Pope Francis this week named pollution as ‘sinful’ and fighting Climate Change a ‘sacred duty’. He called urgently for people to actively work to save the environment, proposing that the Catholic Church add such a duty to the list of “seven mercies,” which includes feeding the hungry and visiting the sick, which Catholics are required Continue Reading →

UK religious beliefs

Australian Census controversy over identity and religion

Geoff Ebbs /2 August, 2016

Controversy mounts around religion and identity in the 2016 Australian Census. Political parties, activists and religious leaders have robustly criticized the Australian Government for collecting the names and IP addresses of people who complete the Census online this year. The government insists this is simply to verify the accuracy of the data and the names Continue Reading →

Render unto Caesar

Render unto Caesar

Geoff Ebbs /19 April, 2016

Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s. – Matthew 22:21 As debate around the privileged position of the christian church in Australian society slowly grinds its way into the mainstream discourse, it becomes increasingly important to clarify the fundamental issues. Those of us who believe firmly Continue Reading →

Criminal Gangs 2016

Geoff Ebbs /8 April, 2016

Cross was sickened, again, last week by the torture and brutality of the Holy Sisters and local priest Father Reginald Basil Durham at St Joseph’s orphanage, Neerkol, near Rockhampton. This sick rapist and soul thief groomed his victims from childhood, so he could abuse them at will – further twisting the knife by demanding their Continue Reading →

Dickens still applies

Welfare Cheats

Geoff Ebbs /31 March, 2016

Why pay billions of taxpayer dollars to christian welfare groups when they have been exposed as Criminal Gangs. Not only has the Royal Commission into Abuse Sexual identified the repeat offending of those organisations, it has shown that they closed ranks to protect their members in an organised manner, abusing their political influence to avoid Continue Reading →