Abbott ignorant on climate: India and China leaving Australia behind

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Abbott ignorant on climate: India and China leaving Australia behind


Sunday 18 July 2010


Greens’ response to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s comments at a press conference this afternoon, that China and India would not introduce a carbon price so Australia would not have to do so:


Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said:


“Tony Abbott, leader of the party of miners and deniers, clearly has no idea about what is going on with climate action around our region.


“While both Labor and Liberals dig us deeper and deeper into coal, China and India are leaving us behind. Cornering the market in coal while the world powers ahead with renewables and efficiency is about as short-sighted as it gets.


“India has already introduced a tax on coal – both domestic and imported – with the revenue to be invested in renewable energy developments. China is powering ahead of Australia in closing polluting industry and investing in renewables and efficiency.


“As developing countries, neither China nor India should be expected to act before Australia does, and yet they are both leaving us far behind them.


“If Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard continue saying Australia won’t act until developing countries act, they will ensure that Australia keeps undermining moves to a global treaty. That will do none of us any favours.”


Consensus with deniers and polluters is ‘Waiting for Godot’


“The Prime Minister’s insistence on ‘consensus’ is increasingly being seen as an excuse for delay and denial. She is ‘Waiting for Godot’ and she knows it if she wants consensus from the deniers and the big polluters.


“Julia Gillard should sideline the deniers in the Coalition and polluting industry and move to consensus with those who want action. The Greens stand ready to act with a carbon tax on the biggest polluters which can start as soon as next year.”


For more on India’s coal tax:

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