Absoe development out of Payce with community

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Absoe site vision
Artists impression of the Absoe site with a park along Boundary St

Councillor Helen Abrahams, The Gabba Ward, calls on Sydney based developer Payce Consolidated to comply with the Neighbourhood Plan for West End with the redevelopment of the Absoe development in West End.

The redevelopment must respect the 15 storey building height limit specified in the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan states the redevelopment of this 2.5 hectare site fronting Boundary Street must “contribute towards the vibrant village atmosphere of Boundary Street.”

The proposal for 1500 units in multiple 15 storey high buildings on one site conflicts with retaining the existing village atmosphere, especially as the redevelopment of surrounding lots have three and five storey height limits. It will be a very prominent development.

If Payce Consolidated are serious about their public statement that the development “would be sympathetic to the views of the West End community” they will not propose any buildings higher than 15 storeys.

The SBRNP was not supported by the West End Community particularly the extent of the proposed population growth for the area.  I urge Payce Consolidated to stick to the stated objectives of that Plan which are:

  • ·         Height limit of 15 storeys
  • ·         Protection and reuse of the two heritage buildings
  • ·         Public parkland on Boundary Street
  • ·         Underground commercial car park
  • ·         Pedestrian walkways through the site
  • ·         Community spaces

One thought on “Absoe development out of Payce with community

  1. clarry evans

    10 April, 2014

    Dear Helen, I am in total agreement with your viewpoint. Regards, Clarry Evans 3844 2693
    13 Thomas St. West End.

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