AGL rips off domestic producers


Company not required to negotiate for her power: She said that when she queried the company about the cost to it of the power from her solar panels, she was told there was no regulation requiring the company to negotiate with her on a rise in her price.

No other company can take on this part of contract: The third problem arose from this. When she discussed the passibility of changing the supplier to another company, she was told no other company could take on this part of her contract.

Captive supplier to AGL: Healy wrote: “I am therefore a captive supplier to AGL, which seems to me to make a nonsense of national competition guidelines.”

Submission from Sue Healy of 37 Collett Street, Kensington, Victoria, to Essential Services Commission (ESC) of Victoria on the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) framework paper and draft rules. January, 2007. ESC address: 2nd floor, 35 Spring Street, Melbourne. Vic. 3000. Phone (03) 9651 0222. Fax: (03) 9651 3688.

Erisk Net, 27/1/2007

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