Western Australians halve water pressure


Fire safety fears addressed: A similar move by Sydney Water last week prompted the Insurance Council of Australia to raise concerns about the impact of reduced water pressure on firefighting preparedness, especially if water needed to be delivered to high-rise or large residential complexes. But Water Corp spokesman Phil Kneebone said the state’s Fire and Emergency Services Authority had given an assurance that a single fire hydrant needed 25 metres of head or 250 hectapascals to deliver adequate fire flows. The corporation’s letter advises that while business operators with a mains pressure fire system should not be concerned, they should contact FESA or their fire systems manager with any questions.

Negotiation for big users: Large water users, such as laundromats and kitchens, would be contacted by the corporation to have their water needs discussed. Brisbane City Council has just introduced a pressure reduction program that it claims will save 13 million litres of water a day, with similar schemes in place or under way for the Gold Coast, Wide Bay and Central Highlands areas.

The Australian, 29/1/2007, p.2

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