An election on health & education? BILL SHORTEN

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An election on health & education?


Bill Shorten via 

4:44 PM (49 minutes ago)

to me

I wanted to let you know what I just told the Labor team here in Canberra.

We’ll be spending four of the next five weeks in Parliament – so while the Liberals spend that time talking about themselves, our team will be focused on the people who are counting on us: like the students who will be hurt by Tony Abbott’s plans for $100,000 degrees and those who won’t able to afford to see a doctor because of Tony Abbott’s unfair GP Tax.

I want you to know Labor is ready for the next election. Because millions of Australians – like those who rely on our universal health care system or access to affordable high quality education – demand it of us.

And that’s where you come in. The voices of everyday Australians will always be the most important factor in determining an election result as they were just recently in Victoria and in Queensland.

With the Liberals in such a state of disarray, an election could be on us before we know it.

That’s why we are accelerating plans to roll out our national grassroots election campaign. Votes aren’t simply won with TV ads anymore, it takes millions of one on one conversations to make the difference. We’ll be setting our supporters a target of two million conversations with voters in the lead-up to the next election. We need to change a million minds.

I promise Labor will continue to stand up for Australians who can least afford to be hurt by a vicious budget, but we cannot win this alone. We need your voice in your community. Face-to-face, house to house – on the school run, at weekend sport, walking to the local shop in your suburb; we need you to speak up for the millions of Australians whose voices are not being heard by this government.

We’ll be coming back to you soon with ways you can help us achieve our ambitious target. In the meantime we’ve launched a website to help you have conversations with your friends and family about the issues that matter to you. Like our universities and our health care system.

Labor stands for a smart, modern and fair Australia – and we need your help to get the message out there. This website is just the start.

Thanks for standing with me on this,


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