The rooftop revolution is well and truly underway, but a sunny future is not guaranteed.

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Solar census


Claire, Solar Citizens

4:10 PM (1 hour ago)

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Right now 5 million Australians are living under a solar roof. That’s more than a fifth of the entire population and it’s growing every single week.

The rooftop revolution is well and truly underway, but a sunny future is not guaranteed. There are powerful interests who want to see the growth of solar in Australia held back.

To grow and protect solar in Australia we must be more powerful and more organised than our opponents. We don’t have mega profits to curry favour – but what we do have is over 60,000 solar supporters like you.

To make our campaigns in the year ahead as hard hitting as possible we need to hear from you. Can you take 10 minutes to complete our 2015 Supporter Survey?

Take the Solar Citizens 2015 Supporter Survey

Our Supporter Survey takes a snapshot of solar support and ownership in Australia. The more responses we receive the more hard hitting the results will be.   
The information you contribute will help us represent your interests better to our politicians, it will help us give a voice to solar owners and supporters in the media and most importantly, it will help us reach more Australians who have solar, want solar or support solar.
This is your opportunity to stand up and be counted as a Solar Citizen. So make the most of the next 10 minutes and have your say in the 2015 Supporter Survey.

Do it for solar.

Claire, National Director

Claire O'Rourke, National Director

P.S. Solar Citizens is an independent community-based organisation. That means we rely on the support of people like you to continue doing the work we do. If you’re passionate about winning for solar in Australia, consider becoming a regular donor for as little as $15 a month. We’re an efficient and effective organisation so your contribution will go a long way. 

Solar Citizens

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