ASP Extends Sympathy to Nimbin

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nsw-police-aboriginal-alcohol-nimbin1The Australian Sex Party extends its sympathies to the people of Nimbin, who have been subjected to an inappropriate and disproportionate operation by New South Wales police.

On September 11th the NSW police force sent in around 70 officers to Nimbin, making several arrests for small drug offences, raiding local businesses and seizing two kilograms of cannabis. Richmond Local Area Commander Superintendent Greg Martin told the media that the arrests were the culmination of six months work by the local Drug Unit.

“Six months of work and 70 police officers. For two kilos of cannabis. This is exactly what we have been talking about. The War on Drugs is a waste of time and a waste of money. It’s a waste of our resources and all for what?” said Fiona Patten, Australian Sex Party President.

“I must admit, I laughed in disbelief when I read that Commander Martin claimed it’s all about the drugs and their effect on the community. For someone who has rained down such heartache on a community already reeling from the fire last month to then say he’s helping… it’s absurd.”

The Australian Sex Party opposes the prohibition of cannabis and other low risk psychoactive substances, noting that global drug prohibition is failed policy.

Fiona Patten said, “The conversation around the globe is turning to evidence informed policy, yet we still have police departments engaging in counterproductive action. This is why we need to regulate the market and legalise.”

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