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I need to sleep now, but here’s a couple of thoughts to get people in more media-friendly time zones going:

  • These targets suck. They just do. An ‘unconditional’ cut of 5 percent off 2000 levels is actually the most pissweak measly bogus ridiculous promise I’ve ever seen. None of the necessary incentives for a cleaner economy are present in these targets, nor is any recognition of the fact that Australia is set to be the hardest hit of all developed nations when it comes to climate change. From a climate, moral, responsibility perspective, this is a failed policy.
  • The forestry section of the government’s policy is still ridiculous. There remains a serious risk that carbon-dense, biodiverse, ancient native forests will be logged while less resilient (and less impressive, let’s be honest) plantations remain in the ground as a result of a perverse market created by the government. From a climate, water, environment, spiritual perspective, this is a failed policy.
  • The funds raised through the scheme will be badly directed. Of course low-income households should be compensated for the harshest costs of action, but actively subsidising businesses because they pollute? Not spending any of it on energy efficiency retrofitting, renewable energy investment, adaptation in developing nations? From pretty much every perspective, this is a failed policy.

I’m furious. I’m surprised how bad this is. It’s come at a good time – over the last few days I’ve been pretty tired from the fortnight at the Climate Conference here in Poznan. I knew I was going to spend 2009 getting ready for the key Copenhagen Conference, pressuring the government to take stronger action and to actually set science-based policy, etc, etc, but I felt like I’d lost a little energy and drive.

No more. I’m ready for a fight! It’s not like it’s much of a commitment on my part, 12 months from a life, but if I can help in any way to push the slightest bit to create a more sensible (and safe world), then I’m in.

The government actually can’t be bothered mounting the argument that clever climate action now can save our future and ensure the survival of the most vulnerable peoples around the world.

I’m going to be bothered. I know some awesome people from around the world and from back in Oz that are going to be bothered.

Are you?

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