Barnaby Joyce says Howard Govt too close to oil giants


Howard denies having greasy ministers: Amid demands from Senator Joyce’s Coalition colleagues that he back up his allegations with proof, the Prime Minister answered with a blunt "no" when asked yesterday if key people in his government were being "greased up" by oil companies.

Qld Nats leader wary of Joyce talk: Queensland Nationals’ president Bruce Scott said Senator Joyce had to put up or shut up. "If he has evidence, he has to bring it forward," he said.

Joyce on grand ethanol drive: Senator Joyce is pushing for ethanol to be mixed with all fuel, arguing it will help cut petrol prices and kick start the ethanol industry.

Oil lobby power "too great": In a statement yesterday, Senator Joyce played down his comments, claiming he was not insinuating unethical or criminal conduct by ministers or oil executives. "However, the senator does stand by his comments that the oil lobby’s power is too great," the statement said.

The Courier Mail, 22/4/2006, p. 7

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