Solar can power Australia by 2050


Children will judge Howard’s "pseudo-science": "The government presumably is still anchored to its close association with the Bush administration that is mired in pseudo-science sponsored by vested interests – as described in your article by John Quiggin, ‘War on science’ (April 7). Our children’s generation are unlikely to judge the Bush administration and Howard government as kindly as current voters.

Unnecessary coal to provide 40% of energy in 2050: "Also you report the chief executives of BP Australia, Westpac, Insurance Australia, Origin Energy and the Australian Conservation Foundation, among others, as saying there is no need for nuclear energy. Indeed one wonders if there is any need for coal and gas, which were projected to still supply more than 40 per cent of the nation’s electricity needs by 2050.

CSIRO is 30 years and 98 pc ahead of industry: "I say this because of recent small reports in other Australian media that the CSIRO has the technology to power all Australia’s electricity needs in 2020, with all energy coming from the sun. And construction would have this in place only 14 years from now and 30 years before the taskforce of industry and ACF have their environmentally friendly blueprint that only sees an increase in solar power from 0.2 per cent now to 2.2 per cent by 2050."

The Australian Financial Review, 20/4/2006, p. 58

Source: Erisk Net  

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