Beatriz’s War shot undercover in East Timor

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Beatriz' War
Beatriz War

Beatriz’s War, astonishing first film from East Timor will be screened at BEMAC on Friday 15th August, followed by a special Q&A with co-producer Lurdes Pires

This fim was made guerrilla style by the men and women who fought in the armed resistance and the clandestine movement during the small country’s twenty-four year long war with Indonesia.

The film is the story of one woman’s passion for independence and justice, both for her nation and for her soul. Beatriz’s husband Tomas is arrested after the Timorese resistance attacks Indonesian troops in the village of Kraras.  In retribution for the attack, the Indonesians massacre the entire male population of Kraras. Tomas disappears during the massacre but his body is not found. Beatriz then takes command of the ‘village of widows’ and holds on desperately to the hope that her husband is alive.


WHEN: 7pm Friday 15 August


WHERE:  BEMAC, 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane



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