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Simon Dell
You know I’m the creative guy, I’m the only one in the room without a tie

Local family company Berwicks, shouted local business owners and managers breakfast on March 27, to catch up on the latest trends in social media. Speaker, Simon Dell is an implant from the UK and runs a full service marketing agency known as Two Cents.

He emphasised the importance of content as the tool for engaging your customers and deepening the relationship.

“It is not just about communication, it is also about building trust, he said.

He believes that content is the key to a successful marketing strategy in this always on age.

“If you don’t have a content expert in your team, then outsource it to a company that does.”

He also pointed out the role of friends and strangers in providing recommendations for business.

“People trust social media because they are getting information from their friends. If your customers don’t trust you, social media is not going to work for you.”

CEO Kayleen Leitch said that she loves being able to give back to the community.

“We have recently begun working closely with Micah Project and are delignted to have them present their 500 Homes 500 Lives program to our customers and business partners,” she said.

Berwicks also offers a free efficiency analysis to local businesses, walking business owners through the costings associated with document handling and processing.

“This is our core expertise, and if we can share it around, it deepens our relationship with our neighbours,” Kayleen said.

Berwicks is an eighty three year old Brisbane company, still in the hands of the family who founded it. The office, warehouse and workshop at 355 Montague Rd has been a fixture at that address for over a decade when it moved from South Brisbane.

Find out more about Berwicks and their Free Office Efficiency Analysis on their website.

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