Billions in hydrogen deals at COP 26

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Twiggy Forrest delivered the 2021 Boyer Lectures
Twiggy Forrest delivered the 2021 Boyer Lectures

Fortescue Metals CEO Andrew, Twiggy, Forrestor has lined up tens of billions of dollars of orders for Green Hydrogen at COP26 in Glasgow in what he calls a “coalition of first movers”. Forrestor has invested billions in establishing a green hydrogen production capacity in Australia’s north, which will use solar generated electricity to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water and use that electricity to power and enormous industrial complex that will produce hydrogen and ammonia for the manufacture of fuel to operate the mines and processing of metals and for the international export of hydrogen and ammonia to replace fossil fuels. Equipment will be manufactured at Gladstone in Central Queensland. Fortescue and international engineering firms are building hydrogen and ammonia fuelled engines for use in ships, mining and industrial processes.

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub has been rejected by the Federal Government as having “clearly unacceptable” environmental impacts, but granted billions of dollars of investment by the West Australian Government.

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