Billy carts resonate with simple values


The opening day at Billen Cliffs was dedicated, as is the whole community, to creating a sustainable future. I reminded the assembled throng that very similar values guided the pioneers 150 years ago, who opened up the area, built the roads and many of the buildings that we now take for granted.

They might have come here to exploit natural resources rather than preserve them, but they cared about their community and employed as much ingenuity, self sufficiency and cooperative spirit as any billy cart or community hall builder does today.

It is critical that the original settlers and the recent arrivals recognise these similarities because we all have a common enemy. That is the forces of global capital that would prefer to see us in debt than in control, consuming instead of cooperating and buying our entertainment instead of making our own.

Billy Carts might not rate a mention on the Greens policy website, but community values over the interests of commerce do, and no other political party dares go there. They are all too dependent on the corporate vote. The website accurately documents the extent to which the old parties are in hoc to the big end of town.

For years, elections around the world have been knife edge, now most countries are finding a third way to break up the old power cliques. In Australia that force is The Greens. A vote for The Greens is simply a vote for the good, old-fashioned values of thrift and common sense, of looking after the future instead of seeking short term gain.

Giovanni Ebono is the author and publisher of a number of books on sustainable living and was the candidate for The Greens in the 2007 Federal Election.


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