Bradford’s branding – Methane issues.


Bradford’s branding

National Media Museum Bradford

National Media Museum: an exercise in the dark arts of rebranding?

The difficulties at the National Media Museum (Report, 3 July) might be to do with the redevelopment of Bradford city centre and associated building work, but the fall in visitor numbers could also be linked to the change in name. The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television may have been a bit of a mouthful, but had something people could relate to, whereas the NMM is vague and does not resonate with the majority of potential visitors. Branding and rebranding are dark arts affecting the way things are perceived, and in this case may have back-fired.
Nigel Hamilton

• It’s a lot worse than David England thinks (Letters, 2 July). Methane actually has 21 times the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide so just the leakage of 16% of methane causes 3.36 times as much greenhouse effect as burning it. All in all that would make it a far dirtier fuel than coal, which is only about twice as bad.
Peter Hanson

• Someone should tell Nursultan Nazarbayev that the prime minister of the UK is not an elected position (‘I’d vote for you’, 2 July). He could only vote for Cameron (as his local MP) if he lived in the constituency of Witney. Perhaps he is planning to move there?
Michael Short
St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex

Derek Middlemiss is obviously correct about your unwillingness to review what are essentially cover bands (Letters, 3 July), and while you’re about it, there’s too much coverage of artists enacting other people’s plays rather than their own. And don’t get me started about those so-called “dancers” who have never composed a ballet in their lives.
Martin Skinner
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

• Peter Leach asks how he might become consummate (Letters, 3 July). With ease, Peter, with ease.
Alan Saunders
Yattendon, Berkshire

• Taxpayers, customers, people, fairness and creativity are at the heart of various organisations. Is there any other part of the anatomy they’re ever put?
Mike Smith

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