Bright idea for after dark


Sheets are transparent: Scientists have developed what they say is a brighter and more efficient alternative: wafer-thin light panels that could cover an entire ceiling, wall, table or even curtain. The sheets are clear, but when connected to electricity they flood a room with light.

Night into day? This means they could one day be installed as windows or skylights which appear normal in the day but then mimic the effect of natural light after dark.

Lighting consumes 20pc of power bills: Figures show more than 20 per cent of the electricity we use in buildings goes on lighting. The invention, called an Organic Light-Emitting Device, is the culmination of a 13-year research program.

The Courier Mail, 15/4/2006, p. 3

For more information on Organic Light-Emitting Device, simply search Google using `Organic Light-Emitting Device’ as your search phrase. 

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