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Berwicks Better Business Breakfast
Katrina Nystrom, Charmian Campbell, Kayleen Leitch and Cance COuncil Qld at breakfast

Action-coach Charmian Campbell was on Montague Rd last month delivering the keynote speech at Berwicks Better Business Breakfast. Cramming as much of her full day seminar into forty minutes as she could, the dynamic and knowledgeable Ms Campbell led attendees through a range of all-too-familiar scenarios that can be avoided with the right business culture.

Her key target is organisations where finger pointing and the blame game prevent real change taking place.

“A fish rots from the head,” she said. “If the executive of a company is not taking responsibility for the culture of the company, then the staff will sit back and go for the ride.”

Berwicks also introduced the Queensland Cancer Council to its customers and business partners as part of its ongoing charitable work. Berwicks is a fixture in the West End business community being a family company now 83 years old with a long history of supporting local customers, partners and charities.



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