Casino in 4101 rumours scotched

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gov-precinctThere will be no new casino between Montague Rd and the River, West End Community Association heard on Tuesday evening.

Following public meetings last November about the future of the development of the industrial precinct between Montague Street and the Brisbane River the West End Community Association advised members that a Casino  was planned for the site. Although the plans for that area have upset many residents, see related story, they do not inlcude a casino.

The plans to allow four new casinos in Queensland, bringing the total up to seven, include one additional Casino in Brisbane at the Government Precinct site at Gardent Point and three new regional casinos including a major integrated tourist development at CCCC Point near Cairns. The details of the new Brisbane Casino have been rigorously made public and can be explored starting at

The consultation report that summarises the surveying of community opinion and the presentation of the proposal to the public is also available at along with monthly updates.

Because casinos are controversial means of filling government coffers and both those in favour of and those opposed to the casino are likely to take the government to court over any perceived corruption in the decision making progress, the mandarins of George Street have worked extremely hard to ensure complete transparency in their deliberations over the issuing of the licence as well as the planning for the development as a whole.

Get involved and have your say and please, let us know. Even though it is across the river it’s right on our doorstep.

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