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Today in Yeronga, Alice Langford, president of Brisbane South West Chamber of Commerce and Connie de Cunha, president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Australia Philippines Inc, formalised the agreement between the two groups.

Local businesses attended breakfast at the Yeronga Services Club to hear Ms Cunha outline the opportunities for business in the Philippines. With a six percent growth rate, the Philippines is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and with inflation at three percent, this is a sign of increasting prosperity in the country.

Ms de Cunha said, “India may be the manufacturer of the world, but the Philippines is the human resources sector.” Philippine workers send home over $20billion every year to their families. This is about the same size as the revenue of the entire Australian electricity generating industry. ($22.5b according to BREE)

She said the reduction in corruption and focus on education has lifted the country out of poverty and made it a gateway to Asia. The Aquino government has been focused on democratic rights and supporting the economic development in the interests of the people, after years of the notorious corruption of the Marcos regime. She said the nation is built on a small business eithic that is an extension of family culture.

Manager of Brisbane South West Chamber of Commerce, Roger Taufel, was on hand to facilitate the deal but has been left out of the photo so that Westender could work the sisterhood puns to full advantage. We assume that his natural charm and graciousness will let the ladies have this one. “advantage play on,” as the AFL umpires say.

Business interested in the SW Chamber can find out more at the cleverly selected web address

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