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mtns1Des Skordilis listens to local electronic band MTNS

MTNS are swiftly becoming a Brisbane favorite, with their recently released debut single “Lost Track Of Time” becoming increasingly popular with its chill wave melodic sounds.

MTNS – formerly Mountains – all started with Brisbane based musician Tom Eggert who eventually got sick of playing by himself until Joseph Thiang and Robbie Hellberg jumped on board to complete their sound that is now a trio.

The boys have produced, recorded and mixed all of their songs in Eggert’s bedroom, which you would never tell by listening to their first track as it is pieced together in such a seamless way.

MTNS already have numerous gigs under their belt both locally and nationally, touring around Australia as well as their single “Lost Track Of Time” hitting the Triple J radio waves.

They recently won Triple J’s Unearthed competition to a slot at Brisbane’s music festival Big Sound. The group plans to release a four to five song EP soon, and if the rest of it sounds as resonating as their first track, big things are coming for MTNS.

For more on MTNS check out their band pages.

This is also the music video for their debut single. – t=0

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