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Classy Basterdz
it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.. so we want to meet everyone.

Cla$sy Ba$terdz is an ongoing collaborative art project that was first created in 2012 by Lee Bliss Maloney, under the suspicion that the world would soon end.

This is a community based organisation designed and directed by Lee, with the aim of conserving the fragile ecosystem, we, and other equally important life forms  inhabit, thereby preserving the planet and saving the world.

The forms we have begun our project with are: makeup, hair, illustration and photography. There are plans to lnclude audio and film in 2014. Celebrating a range of talents within the ba$terdz we have and are sure to meet, giving a platform for the silent and suppressed to express opinions on important environmental and human rights issues, as well as general logic and good advice. For example; plant a tree, wear sunscreen, quit smoking,

We want to recruit as many Ba$terdz as possible, paint them up, and give them beautiful portraits of themselves to keep forever, their friends see these, become interested and wish to join in, which of course they are welcome to.

This simply allows us to network and meet each other, gain knowledge, skills and confidence to go ahead with our love for the arts.

We have class and intelligence. We are the people, no matter if we are born into a circus tent or raised in a crystal castle, we are equals. We all want the best for each other and the planet, our only home. At the core of everybody is the purest desire for love, recognition and beautiful things surrounding us. This is only achievable if we stand together and fight the people (..machines) that work so diligently to tear down our home.

We can’t eat money, we can’t drink money and we certainly can’t receive love from money.

In an industry like this, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.. so we want to meet everyone.

The profit and proceeds we may receive in the future go towards funding to conserve land and wildlife and of course keeping our art alive so we may continue on this path.

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