Coalition plans to slash migration levels



Population Minister Tony Burke has accused the Opposition of using a sneaky political trick.

He says migration levels are already forecast to fall even further than the Coalition’s target.

“By 2011/2012, it’s forecast that we’ll be at 145,000,” he said.

“All he’s done is take existing projections over the next 12 months or so and call them his policy.”

The Coalition will detail more of its policy later today, including which visa categories will be affected.

In April it announced it would set targets to stop the country reaching a projected population of 36 million by 2050.

Treasury figures showed Australia’s population was set to reach 36 million by 2050 but the Opposition said that was too high.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said then that a Coalition government would expand the Productivity Commission and have it review population sustainability on a yearly basis.

It would use the commission’s advice to establish what it calls a population growth band target.

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