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CommBank ‘Under New Management’


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Dear friend,

Each week, Galilee coal is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons – from controversies amongst Government departments, to job promises that don’t stack up, dodgy corporate behaviour and sustained community backlash.

But Adani won’t go down without a fight. With 11 international banks out of the game, Adani is still desperate to find a financial backer for its carbon bomb.

The Commonwealth Bank, Australia’s largest funder of coal projects on our Reef, and a known adviser on the project, is under sustained pressure from Adani to bankroll their dangerous plans. And despite sustained community pressure, CommBank has not yet said no.  

That’s why, from August 13-15, we will be taking matters into our own hands and putting our local CommBank branches ‘Under New Management.

These will be fun and creative actions that draw attention and demonstrate to CommBank the values they should be upholding as Australia’s largest and oldest bank.  

Click here to join an action near you.

These actions will have a twist. Because CommBank is failing to act — we’re going to take matters in to our own hands and launch a new vision and brand for the bank!

Through bold, cheeky and fun actions at branches around the country, we’ll make sure CommBank’s CEO and Board cannot ignore the community’s vision for a bank that takes a stand on climate change, protects the reef and leaves fossil fuels for dead.  

Click here to to take action to protect our climate and Reef. 

We know, from the first round of CommBank actions in May, that when Australians from all walks of life take united action at their local branches – the Bank’s decision-makers start to listen. That’s why we hope you’ll join us from 13-15 August as we show CommBank what leadership looks like.

Signup today.

Yours for a safe climate and Reef,

Josh and Emma for the Australia Team

P.S. Can’t see a CommBank branch near you? New branches can be registered up until this Monday night. Click here to adopt your local branch. is building a global climate movement.You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and become a sustaining donor to keep this movement strong and growing.

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