Public pressure is building – let’s get kids out of detention on Nauru

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Public pressure is building – let’s get kids out of detention on Nauru


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4:12 PM (4 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Neville,
I’m sure you’ve been following the news.
The people in detention on Nauru, who came to Australia seeking safety, are instead reporting that they’re being abused, assaulted and degraded.
It’s harrowing stuff. Especially when you think about the 81 children our government has locked up there. 
The conditions on Nauru are so appalling that staff are risking their livelihoods by speaking out. One doctor blew the whistle after seeing a toddler on Nauru suffering from months of untreated tuberculosis[1]. For this, our government has threatened to throw him in jail.
We’re not all doctors or lawyers – but we can still do our part to stop our government detaining children.
In hope,
Graeme McGregor
Refugee Campaigns Coordinator
Amnesty International Australia
PS. With new stories about the horrors of Nauru breaking almost weekly, the pressure on the government is building. Now is the time to take action. You don’t have to be a whistleblower, a caseworker, or a politician to make a difference for these kids – just watch and share this powerful short video.

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