Constituent rejects KRudd call for support

27 June, 2013 General news0

Hi Kevin,

NoThanksKevI trust you don’t mind if I call you Kevin do you, since you called me by my first name?

Thank you for your letter, and quite timely too. Congratulations on your becoming both the 26th and the 28th Prime Minister of Australia.

And it is quite interesting that you reference “Negative personal politics” given what has transpired over the last 18 hours or so…

Best of luck “uniting the Australian Labor Party”, and thanks for your invitation to donate to your party, but I’m afraid I will have to decline.

I will be doing everything I can to help Geoff Ebbs (Greens) win the seat of Griffith.

Best Regards


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Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 03:46:57 +0000
To: Dave

Subject: Let’s win


In recent years, politics has failed the Australian people. There has just been too much negativity all round. There’s been an erosion of trust.

Negative personal politics has done much to bring dishonour to our parliament but done nothing to address the urgent challenges facing our country, our communities and our families.

In fact it has been holding our country back.

This must stop, and with all my heart that is the purpose that I intend to pursue as Prime Minister.

I want to acknowledge the achievements of my predecessor, Julia Gillard. She is a woman of extraordinary intelligence, of great strength and energy. She has achieved much under the difficult circumstances of minority government.

Every effort I have in my being will be dedicated to uniting the Australian Labor Party. No retributions, no pay backs, none of that stuff. It is pointless, it is old politics.

Together, we can win and defend all that Labor has achieved in the past six years. Join the campaign today or click here to donate.




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