Could Tony Abbott be your Valentine?

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Could Tony Abbott be your Valentine?


Luke Hilakari

5:32 PM (38 minutes ago)

to me
Hi Neville

Tony Abbott still thinks he can charm us. But with threats to cut penalty rates, scrap the minimum wage and bring back unfair individual contracts, Tony’s not winning any hearts this Valentines Day.

Especially not these young workers!

Thousands of workers all over Australia are going to #SwipeLeft and join the Fight for Our Rights rally!

If you reckon Tony Abbott’s attack on our working rights is a turn off, Share this video & help us make the March 4 rally HUGE!

Are you coming to the March 4 Rally?
Yes! I’ll be there
No, but I can spread the word!

We’re proud to have your support – by sharing our videos and graphics, you’ll make a huge difference to the success of the day!

Luke Hilakari

P.S., You can find more Fight 4 Rights content to share here!

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