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You can set the record straight


George Wright via 

2:37 PM (1 minute ago)

to me


Tony Abbott and the Liberals have had a shocker of a week. From the ballot when two thirds of Abbott’s back bench voted to turf him as leader, to the high unemployment figures from Thursday that show just how much their chaos and mismanagement is affecting our economy – everyone’s talking about just how hopeless this mob are.

Like it or hate it, this is the kind of week people wind up talking politics.

So we thought that this weekend, if you find yourself talking politics with friends and family, we could give you a hand to bring those conversations back to what really matters. Because the leadership might be hot gossip, but what matters is the stuff that is impacting real people right now – like the 100,000 more unemployed people since the Liberals were elected, their plans for $100,000 degrees, their unfair GP Tax or their $80 billion worth of cuts to schools and hospitals.

Check out – a simple site which clearly explains how you can respond to anyone who says things like “taxes are always lower under the Liberals”, “Australia is living beyond its means” or “Australia was going it alone on climate change”.

We both know the odds are stacked against us when it comes to getting the facts out in mainstream media, that’s why it’s up to all of us to take every chance we have to make sure people have the information they deserve to know.

The Liberals are hopelessly divided, and it looks like people will be speculating on how long Abbott will last for months.

So when colleagues, friends or family start talking about Tony Abbott’s leadership, you can put the focus on the issues that matter – the back tracking on the NDIS which was set to change the lives of thousands of people, the con on fairer public school funding when Christopher Pyne told voters the Coalition was “on a unity ticket” on Gonski or the fact that after last’s year’s Budget the average family is $6,000 dollars a year worse off.

Regardless of who their leader is, the Liberals’ best weapon is a misinformed electorate. You can help set the record straight.

People often think that speaking up won’t make much difference, but the fact is that word of mouth is far more effective than TV advertising when it comes to persuading people.

George Wright
National Secretary

PS – If someone you love votes Liberal, this Valentines’ day why not bring them into the light!? Make sure your mates are informed and have a healthy debate using the facts at

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