CPRS will lock out massive jobs boom

“The Rudd Government’s Continue Polluting Regardless Scheme sandbags the
old, polluting economy instead of embracing the tremendous potential of
wholesale economic transformation.

“Study after study has shown that a serious plan to transform Australia
into a carbon neutral powerhouse would create a jobs boom, but a weak
target and $12.6 billion in handouts to the biggest and noisiest
polluters simply cannot deliver.

“To deliver a clean energy jobs boom, we need jobs and training packages
for workers most at risk in the old economy. We need an industry and
manufacturing plan, along with policies to roll out renewable energy,
energy efficiency, public transport systems and an intelligent grid, to
create the jobs. And we need to aim high, with a strong emissions target
that will actually protect the climate.

“The Greens have been promoting these positive, jobs-creating policies
for years, but the old parties are closing ranks with the old polluters
and are locking out the climate and the community.

“The Australian community expects the Minerals Council to fight tooth
and nail for their short-term interests, but they have a right to expect
their Government to stand up for Australia’s long-term future.

“Tragically, the Rudd Government is more interested in listening to
industry rent-seeking than the community demands for action to prevent
climate crisis.”

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