Daily update: Abbott modellers expect households to invest $30bn in solar

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Daily update: Abbott modellers expect households to invest $30bn in solar


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Abbott modellers expect households to invest $30bn in solar, Household solar and storage in a cloud – the future grid? Abbott’s new direct action plan – the solar lodge, ACT looks to EVs and car sharing to cut transport emissions, SunPower to add storage to solar in new homes, Solar energy towers, New report puts huge price tag on climate risk, Desperate anti-win tactics of fossil fuels promoters, and Climate change up close.
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The Parkinson Report
Abbott’s hand-picked modellers say households likely to spend $30 billion on rooftop solar – that compares to zero, or next to zero, for large scale renewables under most of the scenarios prepared for RET review panel.
Sunverge says best value for solar and storage is to “pool” it in cloud based systems, with benefits for utilities and customers.
If Tony Abbott spent 1% of the Lodge refurbishments on rooftop solar, he could save taxpayers a lot of money on electricity bills.
ACT is considering initiatives to encourage electric vehicles and car sharing to try and slash transport emissions.
SunPower adds storage to new homes with solar in California, and may soon follow in Australia.
Energy towers have been back in the hype cycle, specifically with the misnamed Solar Wind Energy Tower, which has nothing to do with solar.
New report – co-authored by former senior Republicans – concludes climate change poses “multiple and significant risks” to the US economy.
Wind power is supported by a wide majority of Americans and evidence suggests that where there’s more wind power, there’s even more support – with benefits.
Climate change up close Madeline Ostrander
The emerging field of “downscaling” is helping people deal with clim

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