Daily Update Australian Solar + Storage technology may beat windfarms on costs

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Daily update: Australian solar + storage technology may beat wind on costs


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Australian solar+storage technology may beat wind on costs, Australia coal prospects dim as Modi turn spotlight on solar, The insanity of not assessing climate risk, Cutting renewable target would kill investment, German residential battery storage scheme signs up 4,000 homes, Budget switches LandCare for Green Army, RET Road Trip #5, US Army gets 90MW of solar for less than avoided cost of fossil fuels.
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Vast Solar is building a first-of-its-kind solar thermal plus storage plant in NSW it says can match wind energy on cost and deliver energy on demand. But a commercial-scale plant planned for Australia may have to go overseas if govt succeeds in scrapping the CEFC and ARENA.
India’s newly elected BJP government promises every household will have solar-powered lighting by 2019, inflicting another blow to Australia’s coal plans.
One of world’s leading risk managers says climate risk not being priced by market. This comes as Shell defies concept of “stranded assets”.
Renewables heavyweight calls for RET to be retained or expanded, or risk halting large-scale clean energy investment, even projects like King Island storage.
Peak manufacturing body warns ‘crashing’ RET would costs users more than it would save. Proposes staged reduction of solar support.
Germany has installed 4,000 residential battery storage systems in first year of support scheme, with demand expected to climb even higher this year.
Abbott’s environmental centrepiece, the Green Army, receives $525 million while LandCare program takes $484 million hit in budget of environmental fallouts.
Solar is viewed as an indispensible new technology that is cutting power bills in the suburbs.
Georgia to build three 30MW PV solar installations for US Army for less than fossil fuels – that’s a big deal, especially deep in coal

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