Daily update: Australia’s solar boom has only just begun – Bloomberg

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Daily update: Australia’s solar boom has only just begun – Bloomberg


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Australia’s solar boom has only just begun – Bloomberg; Coaltition MPs calling for RET reduction want anonymity; Garnaut embraces Palmer doctrine on palmer; Pumped hydro – the forgotten storage solution; Graph of the Day; Renewables in German state produced 120% of electricity; UK Defence Ministry says climate major strategic threat; and will climate debate end up being fought in court?
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The Parkinson Report
Australian households expected to add another $15bln in rooftop solar as payback time falls to 3 years. Meanwhile, wind installation could come to halt in 2020, while Asia will spend $1 trillion on solar to 2030 – at expense of (Australian) coal.
Clive Palmer is not the only strange show in town. 25 Coalition MPs call for big reductions in renewable target, but most want anonymity.
Garnaut says current policy is a mess, and cannot meet targets. He suggests rapid move to an ETS with unlimited buying of international credits. In effect, the Palmer doctrine, with a carbon price barely above zero.
What if there was a proven way to store vast amounts of energy at capital costs lower than what battery technologists hope they might achieve in 20 years?
Renewable generation jumped to 31% in Germany in the first half of 2014, with brown coal, black coal and gas all falling sharply.
The German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern generates 120% of its electricity from renewable sources.
Ministry of Defence Global Strategic Trends programme has issued an  updated report on the threats and opportunities for world peace and security out to 2045.
Neglecting to take action can be considered criminal as a doctor or a politician, but what of

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