Daily update: Renewables review kicks off with big battle over numbers

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Daily update: Renewables review kicks off with big battle over numbers


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Renewables review kicks off with big battle over numbers, Renewable advocates hail NEM reforms, Big off-grid prospects for small 24/7 solar thermal plant, Australia beats Kyoto target as US carbon emissions fall, Leases for solar plus storage next step for solar industry, German economy never healthier in midst of energy transition, Top 5 policy tricks used by anti-solar groups, Will utilities control behind-the-meter solar batteries, How a small county in California went grid positive.
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The Abbott government’s controversial review of the renewable energy target kicks off this week, and the fate of the multi-billion dollar industry could depend on a debate about redrawing the definition of demand, and how to treat the output of rooftop solar.
AEMC adopts NEM reforms to make it cheaper, easier and faster for households and business to install solar and other clean energy systems.
Newcastle pool’s new 200kW solar thermal array is no Ivanpah, but its first-of-a kind Aussie technology could prove a big deal for off-grid, 24/7 renewables.
Australia has met its first Kyoto climate target with 131m tonnes of carbon to spare. Will this lead to an increased 2020 target, or increased complacency?
Leasing packages that combine storage with solar will appeal to Australian households, providing an opportunity to manage consumption and provide certainty over bills.
Reports that the Energiewende is hurting German industry come at a time when the German economy has never looked better.
The anti-solar world lead by the likes of lobby groups and utilities is coming out with a new bag of tricks as solar policies gain traction.
Sunverge sees a future in building and managing customer energy-storage systems as utility assets.
A small county in northern California has become “grid positive” – it produces 152%

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