Daily update: Suntech says solar PV costs to match coal in China by 2016

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Daily update: Suntech says solar PV costs to match coal in China by 2016


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Plus: the gas death spiral is happening, but does anyone care?; ARENA chair says Australia wearing flip-flops in global green race; Lismore pushes new business models in pursuit of 100% renewables; wind and solar subsidies half the cost of nuclear & CCS; Tesla CTO calls for bigger thinking on energy storage; Barclays downgrades US electric utility industry; Redflow announces capital raising.
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Suntech Power’s new CEO Eric Luo tells RenewEconomy that the cost of solar PV is rapidly catching up to the cost of coal-fired generation in China and should match it by 2016 – a development Luo says will ‘completely transform’ the energy market in the world’s second biggest economy.
If you’re one of the millions of Australian households that don’t use gas, then you’re a step ahead of a trend that’s about to snowball.
ARENA chair Greg Bourne says Australia wearing ‘flip-flops’ in low-carbon race, calls on Abbott govt to lead on climate, or ‘not get in the way.’
Lismore is looking at energy efficiency, a debt-funded large scale community solar farm, even a community retailer model to meet its 100% renewable targets.
Charts from a recent EU study reveal that the overall cost of new build solar PV and wind energy generation is 50% lower than for new nuclear or CCS.
JB Straubel shares his love of batteries in a interview discussing Tesla’s Gigafactory, energy storage technology, integrated renewables, and EVs.
Australian battery maker Redflow reveals plans to raise $6m towards the development and commercialisation of its zinc bromide flow battery technology.
Barclays credit strategy team has warned that the solar market is likely to “disrupt the status quo” for the electric utility industry sooner than

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