Daily update: The full renewable energy catastrophe: $1 per home per week

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Daily update: The full renewable energy catastrophe: $1 per home per week


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The full renewable energy catastrophe;  Hockey risking billions in investment; NSW pushes to create Australia’s first “zero net energy” town; Abandoning homes due to wind farms: the deep fragrance of factoid; Aurizon’s multi-billion coal gamble makes no financial sense; Google’s $1m little box challenge; Denmark’s near-zero waste wonder; Emissions take toll on Arctic ice; and Will 2015 be the year the world agrees how to live sustainable?
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The Parkinson Report
The fossil fuel lobby has played the joker in its pack. Even after assuming the improbable – that renewable costs would be double even conservative estimates – they conclude that the RET is costing households $1 a week. And that’s even before calculating the benefits.
RET Review submission by NSW renewables company Epuron points out why Joe Hockey’s ‘utterly offensive’ wind turbine comments were particularly out of line.
A consortium of energy groups look to create “mini electricity” system relying on local renewable energy production and storage.
It is claimed that “more than 40” families have abandon their homes to become “wind farm refugees”. But who are they?
Aurizon is set to gamble billions of dollars of its investor’s funds in what is one of the world’s largest potentially stranded fossil fuel assets.
Google has launched a $1m competition that could help push the cost of rooftop solar panels down through the floor.
Has this Danish community found the formula for environmentally friendly industry?
The differences in the Arctic ice cap from 1979 to 2014 are stark – and getting starker.
Next year will be critical in environmental diplomacy. Apart from climate change negotiations, governments will set sustainable development goals focusing on poverty, hunger, inequality and environmental damage.

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