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July Westender
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4 Have your say – feedback from our readers

6 Community news

8 Joe Hurley has left the House – Jan Bow

10 Rallying for refugees – Sam Navin

18 What’s in your stars – Sudhir


10 Business news

11 Are you ready to retire?

12 Internet killed the Video Store – Jimmy Wall

14 CUT your costs – Green initiatives are good for the bottom line – Mal Mackenzie

15 CUT the clutter – Looking good is good for business – Jano Dawes


16 Got dem ol’ budget blues again


19 Support the businesses who support us


20 Holy Mackerel! – How to confit a fish – Richard Webb

21 Spanakopita – a perennial favourite – Lizzie Devereaux

23 Taking it to the streets – Street Food hits West End

25 Lest we forget – The trailblazers of dining


26 Arts News – Brisbane Festival, In Time, Poetry Prize, Shadowlands

28 Music News – Passing of the Joynt,

30 Gig Guide


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