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11 June, 2013 Uncategorized0

to me

Dear Friend,

With your help, over this past week, we have reached hundreds of thousands of Australians through Bill’s Do the Maths Tour – both through the media and at the events. 
From Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Burnie to Byron Bay, we couldn’t have done it without you! So we wanted to send you this special thank you and next steps video. Click here or on the image to watch it!
We particularly want to thank our network of magnificent volunteer coordinators across the country – Georgia, Amanda, Joce, Norman, Adam, Simon, Vanessa, Gina, Todd, Josh W, Mike, Mark, Chantelle, Shaun, Louis, Tom, Josh C, Lexi, Claire and Jaime. You guys are truly amazing!
As we’ve toured the country, it’s been clear that there’s a groundswell of divestment enthusiasm building. Now we need to translate that enthusiasm into action.
So, it is time to step it up. Whether it’s donating to our Go Fossil Free Australia campaign, volunteering your time, starting a local divestment campaign or simply promoting our work, every contribution counts.
Head to: gofossilfree.org/Australia to get involved or 
Donate to us at: startsomegood.com/350ppm
If you’re already involved, thank you for everything you’ve done so far and, if you’re about to come on board, welcome to this most exciting and important campaign!
We’re rather tired, but very very excited, and as Bill says, Onwards!
Blair, Tim, Aaron, Bill and Charlie
PS – If any of those links don’t work for you, copy and paste them into a new window – that should work! And here is the video link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQkGehJpFV8

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