Father of Permacuture, Bill Mollison dead

The founder of Permaculture and advocate for sustainable cities and food systems, Bill Mollison died last Saturday. Permaculture is a system of growing food that requires minimum energy, water and fertilizer and works with nature

Bill Mollison
Founder of Permaculture, Bill Mollison, at his research institute in Tasmania

to reduce the ecological impact of feeding humans.

It has also been applied to greening the desert in places as diverse as the south-western prairies of the USA and the deserts of the Middle East.

Born in Tasmania, Bill Mollison founded the permaculture movement over forty years ago and has been instrumental in countering the industrial approach of corporate agribusiness.



From the official statement of the Permaculture Research Institute at the request of his widow Lisa Mollison

With deep sorrow, we wish to inform family and friends that Bruce Charles “Bill” Mollison, the “Father of Permaculture,” has passed away. He departed peacefully from this world in Hobart, Tasmania, just before 11 pm AEST, on the 24th of September, 2016.

After founding Permaculture Institute in 1978, he formalized the training of practitioners, which directly impacted hundreds of thousands of lives, and indirectly many millions more. For his service to humanity, he was honored with numerous awards, including the Right Livelihood Award in 1981. But of all the accolades he received, the one he was most proud of was the Vavilov Medal, in large part due to the tenacity, courage, and contributions of the award’s namesake, who Bill considered a personal hero. Bill was also the first foreigner invited and admitted to the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

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