Fish may add fleecy lining to cotton farm incomes


Cotton CRC backs project: The new project, "Evaluation of the potential for aquaculture on cotton farms, cage culture of silver perch", is a collaborative research project involving NSW DPI, Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, and the University of New England, through the Cotton Catchment Communities Co-operative Research Centre.

Goal to optimise conditions: The project aims to identify the best conditions – such as stocking density, cage design, diet and disease control – for the intensive culture of silver perch in cages. Conditions will then be evaluated using trials on cotton farms. Economic and marketing studies have suggested that if production costs could be decreased by 20-30 per cent and farm gate prices reduced to $6 per kilogram for whole fish, silver perch could be retailed at $9.99/kg and sold as a boneless, skin-on fillet for just under $20/kg.

Reference: Contact Dr Stuart Rowland, Grafton, (02) 6640 1691, email:

The Land, 25/1/2007, p.3

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