FW: Its not too late 9


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FW: Its not too late 9


John James

6:23 PM (1 hour ago)

to John

I have prepared an urgent report and urge you to read. It is not long, and full of of pictures rather than scientific technicalities.

I am reporting on an urgent consequence of heating in the Arctic.  Increased warming has created the immediate prospect of a massive release of methane.

The urgency is that this promises to be so large it will dwarf in one outburst all the carbon we have ever produced.

I asked friends whether I should send this out. It is such a monstrous story I felt I had to find support before posting it.

Neal: In the marketing world they say you have to get your storey across to your audience at least eight times before they will accept you. So I say publish and publish and keep repeating what people need to know.

Catherine: If for no other reason, this report is a good reminder of what really matters and of where we would be better served to put our attention.

So here it is. How do you react? What can you do personally?


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