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Congress and California State Legislature: Waiting for the Big Earthquake

Posted: 21 Apr 2014 08:46 AM PDT

Mexico has an early warning system that can detect earthquakes and notify people before vibrations arrive. During last week’s magnitude 7.2 earthquake along Mexico’s Pacific coast the system gave people in Mexico City about 60 seconds of warning before vibrations arrived. People in Acapulco had 27 seconds of warning. This gave them time to seek cover, turn off gas flames, stop surgeries, stop vehicles, protect children and more.

Mexico has been giving earthquake warnings for over 20 years and their systems have helped people avoid injury, property damage and possibly deaths. Japan has an earthquake warning system.

The United States has every ability to implement an earthquake warning system. We have the expertise and the technology. However, the United States Congress can’t decide to fund an earthquake warning system and lawmakers in California have ruled that state funds should not be used to pay for one there! The price tag on offering the service to the public for free is a tiny tiny tiny fraction of the guaranteed damage that will occur during the next large California earthquake.

Here’s a link to the LA Times article to send to your representatives…,0,163022.story

Contact information for California State Legislators

Contact information for the U.S. Senators and Representatives

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