A gold mine in lost superannuation

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Suzy Butterworth
Suzy Butterworth, with a little help from her friend, can help you find your lost super

Residents living in postcodes within two kilometres of West End have over a quarter of a billion dollars in lost superannuation according to Suzy Butterworth, Branch Principal and Wealth Manager at Yellow Brick Road West End. “That is an incredible amount of unclaimed money sloshing around in the system that Australians should take back,” she said.

Yellow Brick Road commissioned a study to help the local community realise just how much is at stake. There is almost $15 billion in lost superannuation across the country and even the Australian Tax Office (ATO) is unsure who it belongs to. “Many people change jobs and will often establish a new super account. It’s quite easy to then forget your old super account which ends up as unclaimed money, reducing your retirement nest egg,” says Suzy.

“We are offering to help our community take control and find their missing superannuation so they know exactly how much they have. Part of that process is learning how to invest wisely, and better plan for the future. Just 20 minutes at our office is all it takes to be sure you have a hold on your entire superannuation investment.”

Suzy has helped local residents in and around West End for over a decade on most matters financial and joined Yellow Brick Road to deliver an enhanced service to all her clients. “Our unique advantage is that we provide advice, superannuation services, term deposits, mortgage broking, insurance and even car loans. At Yellow Brick Road, the person that owns the business is the also the person you deal with in a personable way. My clients like the fact they can get total financial peace of mind, all in the one location.”

Find out more today from Suzy and her team at Yellow Brick Road West End, they are located at 93 Boundary Street, West End.

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