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Biosolar is a three year old company that has seen stellar growth, despite radical changes to the government’s funding arrangements. The company now turns over in excess of $30million each year selling affordable solar panels to Australian households.

BioSolar founder and managing director Leigh Storr said said at the company’s launch yesterday Biosolar had been quietly achieving remarkable results in Queensland.

“BioSolar is a testament to the success of federal and state solar subsidy initiatives – and what can happen when that’s coupled with excellent strategy.

Google of the Gabba“We’ve now created 120 jobs for Queensland and are capable of not only surviving, but thriving regardless of whether incentives stay or go,” said Storr. The company operates as environmentally as possible and has researched the industry thoroughly to find the most affordable, environmentally sound products possible.

Young entrepreneur Storr, aged 30, established BioSolar in Queensland in 2010 with a team of three staff.

The new offices at Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba indicate the degree to which the company looks after its staff and integrates its operations with the community. They feature Brisbane’s first raw foods café, a gym, yoga studio, cinema, living plant wall and graffiti art

The company’s new year’s greeting this year was a mock up of Google maps with solar panels arranged to read 2013. The disclaimer on the company’s site reads “This image was digitally manipulated for entertainment purposes.”

The understated and wry approach is typical of the company’s style and communication.

The offices yesterday were opened by Kevin Rudd, in full celebrity mode. He spoke eloquently about the importance of innovation and renewable energy and the benefits of having successful local businesses in the electorate.

Greens candidate for Griffith, Geoff Ebbs, said “It is a shame that Labor has squandered so many opportunities to implement a robust renewables policy and left The Greens to rebuild an integrated response to the twin challenges of energy descent and global warming.”

Leigh Storr is chuffed to be at the centre of such controversy and will continue the approach of quietly building on the company’s incredible 250% growth in the last twelve months.

“I started BioSolar with a very specific vision and that has shaped the entire way we do business.

“Our vision is to be the leading provider of solar power systems in Australia and, to achieve that, we are committed to providing our customers with the best purchasing experience of their life,” said Storr.

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