Greens spearhead progressive push

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Griffith candidates
Geoff Ebbs with four of the candidates lowest on his ticket

Green preferences will go to  five progressive micro parties ahead of the ALP in the Griffith by-election.

“The Greens spearhead a progressive movement that is a coalition of concerned citizens and activists opposed to putting short term profits first and everything else a distant second,” Griffith candidate, Geoff Ebbs said.

“The ALP has spent the last thirty years with one hand in the bosses’ pocket and one hand in the workers’. That is the fundamental reason it has lost its way.

“The Greens are a force in our own right. We effectively stand up for people, community and the environment in local, state and federal government. We are the party of the future.”

Mr Ebbs said that the five parties they have placed ahead of the ALP are all well aligned with Green values and contain many activists concerned that the Greens are too moderate on their particular issue.

“As a mature party with real power, we cannot push every agenda as strongly as its advocates would like. Our role as the political wing of the movement is to support these micro-parties and to represent their interests in parliament.”

In order of Greens preferences the parties are:

  • Bullet Train for Australia – The bullet train is a Greens initiative and official party policy.
  • Stable Population Party – Over-population and consumption are the underlying causes of our current crises.
  • Pirate Party of Australia – Big Brother is here and is not working on behalf of the people
  • Secular Party of Australia – The separation of church and state is an important plank in democracy
  • Karel Boele Independent – The People Decide is part of a movement to build the grass roots democracy that is one of the four pillars of the Greens.

3 thoughts on “Greens spearhead progressive push

  1. Aaron Webber

    20 January, 2014

    It is good to see that Geoff has become brave enough to talk about population on twitter and the Greens Griffith flyer

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