Greens call on Gillard to guarantee public service lobs

Greens call on Gillard to guarantee public service jobs

“Tony Abbott should explain his plans to cut public spending.”

With both the big parties pledging cutbacks, Australian Greens Leader
Bob Brown today called on Prime Minister Gillard to guarantee public
service jobs for Australians.

“The Prime Minister should make clear what the impact of the cutbacks
she has announced will be,” said Senator Brown. Ms Gillard has said she
will implement “unpopular cutbacks.”

“Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he will cut 12,000 jobs out of the
public service,” Senator Brown said.

“Job cutbacks will lead to a decrease in the quality of services for the
public – in health, general welfare and for the environment.”

Australian Greens ACT Senate candidate Lin Hatfield-Dodds said: “I value
public servants and the work they do. The demand for well-informed
public policy doesn’t reduce if jobs are cut – it increases the workload
for existing public servants.”

“The $7.5 billion lost from the budget forward estimates by Julia
Gillard’s backdown over the mineral resources tax directly threatens the
ability of the government to finance the public service in the years
ahead,” Senator Brown added.

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