Heavy rock slows West End sewer tunnel

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Mollison-St_sewerThe Westender received this cute media release from Urban Utilities, explaining how their tunnel being drilled in Mollison St (near the Supermarket) has been unavoidably delayed.

In true Ekka tradition, I’m afraid to inform you that our drilling machine in front of 26 Mollison Street has contracted a touch of the Ekka flu from a virus in the heavy rock that has seriously weakened its blades.

Unfortunately this means that while it recovers in its sick bed, we will have to wait until the larger drilling machine being used at the shaft in front of the shopping centre finishes tunnelling towards the centre ring at 26 Mollison Street before we can use it and resume our full show program.

No point [fairy] flossing over this unexpected issue on ‘Sideshow Alley’, this will delay works for several weeks.

However, we are working on bringing works forward in other areas so we can make up as much time as possible. So we keep the Mollison Street ferris wheel rolling, we have also been informed by our ‘carnies’ er contractors that there will be a few Saturdays where they will be working and we will need to run the generator in front of the shopping centre for about an hour on Sundays to run pumps to drain groundwater from the shaft.

Thank you for your patience as you join us on this rollercoaster ride. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

In the meantime, we hope your Sundae (sic) is a Strawberry one and we don’t have too many West(end)erly winds this year.

Yours sincerely

‘Dagwood’ Dylan Communications Consultant and our Senior Project Manager, ‘Showbag’ Stephen

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