Helping drowsy drivers stay alive

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Drowsy Dawn Page keeping drivers awake
Drowsy Dawn Page keeping drivers awake

Shift workers and tired drivers will have a better chance at arriving home safely thanks to a new safety kit.

Safety products distributor, Dawn Page, said “Statistics show that shift workers and long distance drivers are at a high risk in being involved in a drowsy driving accident.”

“I was on a personal mission to find something that would help reduce this risk and I came across the Drowsy Driver Reviver Kit,” said Mrs Page.

“I then got in touch with Janey Dwyer, a sleep expert who deals with a lot of the mines in North Queensland,” she said.

Dawn Page is the owner of Work Stuff, a supplier of safety equipment, based in Kingaroy.

Janey Dwyer is a Sleep and Fatigue Consultant at the Bowen Basin Sleep Health Centre in Moranbah. She developed the kit to help drivers recognize drowsy symptoms.

Ms Dwyer said “I am passionate about reducing fatigue and getting people home safely.”

“You have to be smart enough to recognize the critical symptoms of drowsy driving and strong enough to over ride that powerful urge to continue driving while feeling drowsy,” said Ms Dwyer.

“The kit has all of the tools needed to pull over for a roadside nap. Power napping reduces the risk of a micro-sleep and helps road users arrive at their destination safely,”

Work Stuff are the nominated distributors of the Drowsy Driver Reviver Kit.

Mrs Page said “We are proud to be Janey’s supplier. I am looking forward to meeting with business owners who have shift workers and helping them make the time that employee’s spend in a vehicle safer.

“It is too easy to say it will never happen to you because it can and the chances are that inevitably it will, if you continue to drive drowsy,” said Mrs Page.

For more information about the kits, phone Dawn Page on (07) 4162 8432.

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