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We know it is only fair that Tony Abbott meet with Riz Wakil. After all, he promised to do so. When Mr Abbott’s Press Secretary told us that Mr Abbott would like to have the meeting before the election, and that he would ring back to confirm a date, we took him at his word. But after repeated phone calls from us – that his office have now stopped returning – its time for us to up the ante.

With a week and a half left there’s still time for Mr Abbott to meet his commitment before the election. That’s why with your help we’ll take a message to him that he can’t miss: massive mobile billboards asking him to honour his commitment and meet with Riz.

You’ve stood behind Riz before – can you stand up for him again?


The $16,000 cheque for charity? Signed, sealed and delivered. The refugees? Although a little nervous, they’re ready for the meeting! The only thing missing is Tony Abbott.

Together, let’s make it clear where we stand – its time for Mr Abbott to make good on his promise. We’ve had a victorious fortnight so far this election campaign, with wins on enrolment and internet censorship. With your help we’ll return our focus to the vital issues surrounding refugees and asylum seekers.

Thanks for all you do,
The GetUp team

P.S. Tony Abbott has commissioned billboards of his own. They are driving our marginal seats attempting to scare voters into thinking we’re being invaded by ‘illegals’. With your help we’ll respond to the fear mongering in these last few days before the election.


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